Saturday, March 29, 2008

Amuse Weekly Challenge #35

This weeks challenge is "go to". This is to make a card with your "go to" or dependable stamp that use alot. Well, I'm not so sure I have one of those since I recently started stamping cards again. I chose to use my favorite stamps at the moment that I've been enjoying using alot. I used the Amuse IPod stamp and the "You Rock" sentiment for this challenge. I love it so much because you can glitter the ipod any color to match your card you want and it always looks good.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekly Card Challenge #34

The challenge this week on the Amuse Addicts group is "Spring has sprung". The sentiment and the ground oval I used are Amuse stamps. The chicks and plant stamps are from 2 different Stampin' Up sets!.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The label maker

You know those commercials for the label makers? The one's where they're so addictive, the people in them label everything in the house...including the children? Well, they couldn't be more accurate! I bought one at Costco yesterday and proceeded to lable a few things in my scraproom. An hour later, I must have made 30 labels! I did manage to contain myself. Kyla came down to help me and she wanted to label everything in site. Everyone needs to get one of these!

Looky what Jessy Did!

Hard to believe. My youngest who's been telling me for years that she'll NEVER get her ears pierced did the unthinkable! I know she always wanted to but it was pure fear that was keeping her from actually doing it. She would periodically tell me she wanted to do it and she was ready but of course if was always during softball season or cheering when she couldn't wear earrings so she'd have to wait until the season was over. Well, by the time it was over, she had changed her mind...convenient, huh?

Jessy slept over my sisters in Medford on Easter and the day after she went shopping at the mall with my other sister, my mother and other daughter Kyla. Christine had given Jessy a gift certificate for her birthday to Claire's so from what I hear, she was convince it was the perfect time to get her ears pierced. The first Claire's they went to wouldn't do it since her mother wasn't with her. They then went to another Claire's and proceeded to pretent that my sister Diane was her mother. (Diane, I have forged documents in my hot little hands!) The girl at the store started the ear piercing process with the first ear when Jessy decided to move her head and pull the earring! Luckily she didn't mess it up. The tears were flowing and she started to panic. Jessy had to be pulled back from the edge and was finally convinced to do the other ear. Not sure who held it but her head wall held still so she couldn't jump or pull on the second one.

Of course I wasn't there so there are no pics of this momentous occassion or all the tears so I took one when she got home. It was a drama filled day.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Our New Additions

Yesterday Jessy and I drove an hour and a half to Amherst, MA to pick-up her birthday present and the new additions to our family. They are two pygmy goats, twins, a male and a female. The white one is the little girl and Jessy named her Rosie. The black one is the male and she named him Quartz. She chose the names because Mary Ann (the woman we adopted them from) so nicely gave Jessy a couple of large pieces of rose quartz from her garden.

Rosie and Quartz are settling in slowly but are fine. They're both a little shy since they were just separated from their mom, the other kids(baby goats) on the farm and all the llamas roaming around. They were quite lucky to have so many friends. I'm sure they'll adjust soon. Once our fence is finished (waiting for the ground to thaw), they'll have plenty of room to play and frolic in their new home here in Pepperell. Here's pic of them still not ready to leave the safety of the carrier.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pamela's Amuse Shoe Box Workshop

I'm going to an Amuse Shoe Box workshop at a friends house on Saturday. We each have to design a card using Amuse stamps and bring all the supplies (in a "shoe box") for everyone else to make one. If there are 7 of us, I'll go home with 7 different cards. I've done something similar before and it was alot of fun. Here are pics of the card I've designed using the "Ipod" stamp and the "You Rock" stamp. It's hard to tell but the IPod has green glitter on it. I LOVE GLITTER on my cards! I plan to have every color glitter at some point. Most of my cards are pretty simple. I'm very happy with this design.

This picture doesn't really do it justice but this is a layout of all the pictures I took trying to get the perfect Christmas card. The ornaments were from my Cricut and they're outlined in gold paper.

Layouts from the Retreat

I spent most of my time working on Kyla's high school abum...this is one of the layouts I did this weekend. I'm a pretty simple scrapbooker but I'm happy with most of my results. I've also changed to top loading so I can scrap out of order. It makes it much more exciting to be able to scrap what you're in the mood for.

ScrapShare By the Sea 2008

Friday thru Sunday was spent at the NE SS Retreat in Portsmouth NH. Just myself and about 37 other scrapaholics! What a crappy rainy weekend but I didn't care because I had 3 days of uninterrupted cropping time. I had a blast this weekend. Thanks to my roomie and table buddy Pamela (apparently I snore). Thanks to my other table buddy Denise who made me laugh all weekend. I loved meeting the VT girls Lisa, Lynn, Liz & Tanya. Teresa came up from Mississippi and brought her Hurricane Katrina stories with her. It was very emotional and I thank her for sharing with us all. Donna came up from North Carolina and of course there was our New Jersey ladies who kept us entertained. Don't worry Shirley, we all know you were there! It was great seeing all the New England girls we all know and love and I can't wait until November when we all meet again in Jackson NH!

Here is a bit of what I got done...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm baaaack...

I'm back to try this whole blogging thing again. Looking forward to this weekend. I'm going on a ScrapShare Retreat in Portsmouth NH with my scrappin' friends! Hoping to get alot done. I'll post with results when I get back. Maybe even a page count...ooohhh.