Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Looky what Jessy Did!

Hard to believe. My youngest who's been telling me for years that she'll NEVER get her ears pierced did the unthinkable! I know she always wanted to but it was pure fear that was keeping her from actually doing it. She would periodically tell me she wanted to do it and she was ready but of course if was always during softball season or cheering when she couldn't wear earrings so she'd have to wait until the season was over. Well, by the time it was over, she had changed her mind...convenient, huh?

Jessy slept over my sisters in Medford on Easter and the day after she went shopping at the mall with my other sister, my mother and other daughter Kyla. Christine had given Jessy a gift certificate for her birthday to Claire's so from what I hear, she was convince it was the perfect time to get her ears pierced. The first Claire's they went to wouldn't do it since her mother wasn't with her. They then went to another Claire's and proceeded to pretent that my sister Diane was her mother. (Diane, I have forged documents in my hot little hands!) The girl at the store started the ear piercing process with the first ear when Jessy decided to move her head and pull the earring! Luckily she didn't mess it up. The tears were flowing and she started to panic. Jessy had to be pulled back from the edge and was finally convinced to do the other ear. Not sure who held it but her head wall held still so she couldn't jump or pull on the second one.

Of course I wasn't there so there are no pics of this momentous occassion or all the tears so I took one when she got home. It was a drama filled day.


Denise said...

Congrats Jessy! They look great, girl!

Pamela said...

Awesome Jessy!!! Wait till you can raid your Mom's earring collection in a few weeks.