Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy with Digi!

I've been scrapbooking digitally since September and I've actually gotten ALOT of pages done. I love it! No mess, all the papers and embellishments are in my computer, I can go back and change layouts whenever I want and there's tons of free stuff out on the internet so it is actually cheaper! Now that I have all these pages done, it's time to take the plunge and start thinking about printing some of them out. Yikes! I tried printing one of them out last month (check previous post) and although I liked the page, I didn't think about glossy vs. matte. I printed it out on glossy paper and it was just TOO SHINEY! Put a gloss photo in a glossy page and it's really hard to see the page. Ok, 2nd try...I uploaded 10 12x12 pages (including the glossy one I already did) to Costco Photo Center on-line. Ordered them in lustre (double checked to make sure I chose the correct option!) to be picked up in the Nashua NH store where I shop all the time anyways. Why Costco? Much cheaper than other's I've found and no shipping charges since I go there anyways. Costco 12x12 prints are $2.99 each.

Dennis picked them up for me yesterday when he went to pick up our monthly restocking of TP, paper towels & ketchup. They came out great! I'm so much happier with these prints! Lustre is the way to go and I must stay that I'm very happy with my digi-skills. Yes, I'm still a beginner and I know there's much more to learn but I get better all the time. All that really matter is that I like it anyways. Here's a layout...

This layout was created using the Creative Memories Disney Hannah Montana set. Although Jessy HATES Hannah Montana , this is a great little set and can be used without any reference to HM.

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Pamela said...

This is an awesome LO! Love the pics of Kyla and Jessy!