Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Kitchen Remodel - A Progressive Look - BEFORE

Here's the before pictures of my kitchen. We started the remodel about a few weeks ago now. It's slow going but at least I see progression every week. I can't wait to get rid of the old linoleum floor and the ugly oak cabinets.

That dustry rose carpet in the dining room is well past it's prime!

The L design in this kitchen just cuts it in half...can't wait to open it up.

Here's the kitchen with the floor and cabinets ripped out. We left the wall cabinets in for now.

The fridge & microwave are now on the back porch...can't wait for the new appliances!

Here's the dining room freshly painted and the old rug ripped out. You can see the wood for the new floor ready to be put down!

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Pamela said...

I just love Before and After pics!